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Gen Z Recruiting

Gen Z is entering the workforce during a global talent shortage.  This means recruiters will need to get creative and go the extra mile to attract those younger candidates. Studies have shown that there are 3 important factors when considering whether or not to accept a job which are salary, work-life balance, job duties, and projects.  Here are 4 ways to stay Gen Z updated when recruiting interns, college students, or soon-to-be college graduates

1.       Double down on-campus recruiting

Connecting with Gen Z talent requires maintaining close ties with colleges and universities. Utilize recruitment event best practices and precise KPI measurement to increase efficiency.

2.       Personalize your communication

As you should for any candidates, ask them to join your talent network before applying to jobs.  Share your connections and share content based on their indicated interests. During the interview process, send frequent updates to let candidates know about their hiring status!

3.       Provide updated descriptive job descriptions

In terms of what matters most at work, Gen Z may have a different set of priorities. Make your open positions more appealing to the newest group of job seekers by using these best practices for job descriptions.

4.       Create a network full of influential employees

Gen Z candidates rely on referrals so, when you have new available positions, promote them on social media, and invite team members to share their workdays. Candidates will get a more accurate sense of your company culture if you share content created by your staff with your current employees to attract young talent.

This is just the start of your recruiting process of attracting those who have the expertise you are seeking in young candidates.  Don’t doubt the knowledge of younger candidates and what they can bring to the table!

Good luck!