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College Grads – What Now?

Many graduates believe they will be unable to find work after graduation. It’s challenging to have a positive attitude regarding your job aspirations. Finding a job after college can be difficult, especially if you’re still figuring out how to adjust to life after graduation, however, learning how to prepare for the job market can take some of the pressure off.  If one of your main goals is to acquire a career after graduation, planning ahead of time will not only help you stay motivated when job hunting, but it can also help you land a position faster.

Let’s start off by how to stay motivated.

  • Create a to-do list
  • Create a vision board
  • Take days off

You got to start somewhere if you are in the weeds and have no clue what you are getting into.  Creating a to-do list will assist you in what career you are diving into, searching different fields of work, and learning more about those careers.  A vision board is your visualization of where you find yourself in your dream job! Manifestation is a real thing! Lastly, do not stress! Enjoy your summer and take those days off to relax and refresh your brain.

Now, what can you do to help you find a career?! Check out these tips


This is a great place to start. Meeting people within your major and professional groups is a simple way to build your brand and connect with people. But don’t limit yourself; your network can include friends, family, and coworkers. Never underestimate the power of the phrase “I’m a recent college graduate.” People like to help out those who are younger.


As we know, the job market is tough however, learning about the different types of employment available in your career or in any field, what a typical day entails, how the job market works, and what qualifications are required will help you know exactly what to seek for and boost your chances of getting employed.


LinkedIn is the business Facebook and has been a major source of employment.  A lot of recruiters will take a look at your LinkedIn profile during the hiring process; keeping your LinkedIn profile updated with your most recent resume and experience can help show recruiters that you’re open to work. Use hashtags!!!


There are millions of job boards out there and one application can be overlooked due to a sea load of resumes.  Some companies will actively search for applicants and maintain their web pages updated with current job positions. Applying through their website might make the process more personal and demonstrate that you’re passionate about working for them.


Because some job posts attract hundreds of applicants, many job seekers are looking for strategies to stand out.  Update your experience and keep it simple! You can use a template from a website like Canva to create your resume. Make sure it’s stored as a PDF so it can be read by resume-scanning software.

It’s okay to be uncertain in this process. This is a great opportunity for you to improve your talents and learn from your failures. So jump right into your first job and learn how to communicate, manage your time, network with individuals in the sector, and figure out your preferred work style. Taking advantage of a less-than-ideal first job can pave the way for future career success!

Good luck!